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EE&MC History

EE&MC economists are specialized in microeconomics with an emphasis in the field of industrial organization. The true value of our work is our attention to details and the successful communication of complex economic matters to lawyers and judges. The EE&MC-team in the Brussels, Bonn and Vienna offices are managed by Prof. Mag. Dr. Dr. Doris Hildebrand, LL.M.. Prof. Hildebrand is one of the founders of the "more economics based approach" in EU competition law in the 90ties.

The academic performance of Prof. Hildebrand in the field of competition economics started at the University of Brussels (VUB, 1992-1998). Under the supervision of Karel van Miert, EU Commissioner for Competition then, Hildebrand developed the modern "more economics based approach" in EU competition law. Based on this work, Van Miert initiated his comprehensive reform process in EU competition law which is still ongoing. This approach is described in Hildebrand’s book on “The role of economic analysis in the EC competition rules – The European School”. The book is currently in its third edition (2009). The fourth edition is due in 2016. 

Hildebrand holds a master’s degree (1987) and Ph.D. (1990) in social and economic sciences from the University of Economics in Vienna. She earned a LL.M. degree (1992) and a state doctorate in law (1998) from the University of Brussels (VUB). Hildebrand was a researcher at the Department of Economics at Harvard University, Cambridge, USA, in 1989.

Hildebrand is currently Professor of Economics at the University of Brussels (VUB) teaching “EU Competition Policy and State Aid” for advanced master students. Hildebrand’s former academic affiliations include an Associate Professor of Economics (1994-1998) at the University of Groningen and an Assistant Professor of Marketing and International Management (1991) at the University of Maastricht.