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EE&MC Mission statement

"Our mission is to provide our clients - on a European and uniform basis - with the highest quality services in economic analysis by:

  • emphasising the combination of our scientific and professional knowledge
  • targeting the needs and expectations of the large enterprises
  • creating a partnership with our Clients
  • building an insider's understanding
  • operating, or functioning within the boundaries of our Expertise, helping them realize the European market capabilities and reach new heights in client satisfaction

in a way which provides our shareholders with an attractive return on their investment and which builds a value driven organisation that

  • is responsive to human needs and expectations
  • honours creativity and entrepreneurship
  • detests bureaucracy
  • rewards teamwork
  • strives for continuous improvement and breakthroughs
  • is responsive, sensitive and adaptive to client Needs
  • draws its strength from fair, open and candid communications

among an empowered and highly educated workforce in a business model which is

  • ethically,
  • socially and
  • environmentally pro-active