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EE&MC Team

Prof. Dr. Dr. Doris Hildebrand

EE&MC-European Economic & Marketing Consultants is a European economic consulting firm with high-profile competition experts. The EE&MC-team in the Brussels, Düsseldorf and Vienna offices are managed by Prof. Dr. Dr. Doris Hildebrand. Professor Hildebrand is one of the founders of the "more economics based approach" (also known as "more economic approach" or "European School") in EU competition law in the 90ties.

The EE&MC-competition-experts use a successful interdisciplinary approach to economic consulting: economic analyses embedded in the legal framework. This consulting approach takes into account the new requirements with respect to economic analyses in EU competition law proceeedings.

By assisting many distinguished customers and lawyers, EE&MC-competition-experts work closely together with competition authorities on a European or  national level. EE&MC offices in Bonn, Brussels and Vienna are close to the premises of the competition/ regulatory authorities too.

In addition, the EE&MC-team succeeded several times in the development of economic methodologies which competition authorities adapted as their own future economic standards.

EE&MC-competition-experts are valued for their pragmatic approach and their broad expertise. Some economists hold several academic degrees. Each EE&MC-economist has a special area of expertise. All EE&MC-economists are trained in EU competition law and industrial organization. Depending on the assignment, a team with the most qualified experts is put together to provide the best services available. Depending on the case, industry experts sometimes support the EE&MC-team.

EE&MC is strictly goal-oriented and works effectively for the benefit of our clients.