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12th ASCOLA Conference – Competition Law for the Digital Economy – 15th -17th June 2017, Stockholm

Between June 15th and 17th 2017, the 12th conference of the Academic Society for Competition Law (ASCOLA) on Competition Law for the Digital Economy took place in Stockholm. Professor Hildebrand contributed to the panel on...[more]


16th Annual International Competition Network (ICN) Conference in Proto

Professor Hildebrand attended the 16th Annual ICN Conference in Porto as a NGA of the German Bundeskartellamt.[more]


Platform Economy and Cohesion of European Competition Policy – May 23, 2017 Helsinki

On May 23rd, the conference “Platform Economy and Cohesion of European Competition Policy” took place in Helsinki. Professor Hildebrand spoke as keynote speaker about the digital economy and its relationship to the European...[more]

Modelling Economic Effects in the Oil Industry

Horizontal agreements between competitors have the potential to reduce competition. However, there are a lot of horizontal agreements which produce substantive economic benefits for both, the participating firms and consumers....[more]

European School in EU Merger Proceedings

In November 2012, the Swedish competition authority arranged the 10th edition of its event about "More Pros and Cons of merger Control".  The authorithy invites top-class scientists and...[more]