EE&MC Offices

Our headquarters is located in Düsseldorf (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany).

Düsseldorf is a prime location for an economic consulting firm. Our competition experts can easily reach authorities and all-important events in Europe. Excellent transport connections enable our team members to reach cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Paris and London within a short period of time: EE&MC is well situated in the commercial heart of Europe, exactly on the Berlin - Brussels axis.

Our objective is to be present at all central locations. In 1992, the foundation of our company in Maastricht had been inspired by the "Maastricht Treaty" on European Union.

The three EE&MC liaison office in Brussels and Vienna (since 2003) and Paris (since 2018) also show that EE&MC is always up-to-date with economic and political developments in Europe.