Merger control requires a scientifically oriented approach.


If an increase in price post-merger could be determined as the result of a merger, then in the next step the determination of potential efficiency advantages is mandatory. Therefore, compliance with the European School of Thought is necessary. Consequently, the authorization of a merger without restrictions is only possible if the determined, verifiable efficiency advantage passes on to the affected consumers in the relevant market. A fundamental contribution of this school is that all stakeholders - judges, civil servants, lawyers, and economists - act within a fully specified and solid theoretical framework.


The modern European approach requires detailed effects-based analyses of markets. The approach focuses on market entry conditions as well as current competitive conditions.


EE&MC offers comprehensive services based on this approach. EE&MC provides special expertise in following areas:

  • Market definitions and 
  • Collective dominance.
EE&MC has distinct expertise in the following topics:

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