The basis for a successful approval of a transaction is the proper processing and submission of the request in accordance with the CO form. EE&MC provides support in processing the numbers and provides access to market data if the "relevant" antitrust market differs from the "marketing" market.

EE&MC services include:
  • economic analysis of the antitrust risk
  • assistance in developing and formulating the most appropriate filing strategy
  • assistance in the pre-notification discussions with the economists of the authorities
  • economic analyses of the transaction
  • market definition, i.e. definition of the relevant product and geographic market with an option to apply the Hypothetical Monopolist Test
  • consumer and client surveys, expert interviews
  • performing conjoint analyses, regression models and simulation analyses;
  • application of various test procedures, such as the UPP testdivertion ratio analyses etc.
  • merger simulation models
  • calculation of merger-specific efficiencies
  • economic analysis of commitments
  • submission of independent expert reports to authorities and courts on behalf of our clients.

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