EE&MC estimates damages of the truck cartel

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EE&MC provides for all questions, regarding the antitrust law, high developed economic analyses, consultancy and expert reports.


The European Commission found that the truck producers MAN, Volvo/Renault, Daimler, Iveco und DAF have violated the European antitrust law. For more than 14 years they had an agreement regarding the prices for trucks and the pass-on of costs caused by stronger emission standards. Because of the infringement the Commission imposes a record fine in the amount of 3 billion Euro in July 2006.

The truck cartel was Europe-wide active. Therefore, the number of potential claimants of this cartel is high.

In recent months EE&MC was commissioned by claimants from different EU Member States to calculate their damages of the truck cartel. The range of EE&MC customs is extensive: claimants are forwarders, but also companies from different sectors like disposal, construction, food, etc.

For the analyses EE&MC can fall back on a data pool in which it stores data of all customs. This forms a solid basis for precise estimations of the potential cartel damage. For the damage calculation EE&MC uses scientifically proven instruments. EE&MC has manifold experiences in the damage calculation and is able to create individual appraisals that are consistent with the European antitrust law.

EE&MC perform economic analyses in all questions of cartel matters, as well as consultation and expert testimonies. The scientific cooperation with the University of Brussels (VUB) and the interdisciplinary approach that combine economics and law are the cornerstones of our work. EE&MC has successfully helped to implement the more economic based approach of the European School of Thought in the European antitrust law. Managing partner of EE&MC, professor Dr. Dr. Hildebrand, is founder of this approach.

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