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Cartel damages

Infringements of the EU cometition rules, namely Article 101 or 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), cause great harm to the economy as a whole. The European Commission and national competition authorities have the power to impose fines for infringing competition rules. Parties injured by an infringement receive fully the real value of their losses restored: the entitlement to full compensation covers the actual loss, as well as compensation for loss of profit suffered as a result of the infringement and entitlement to interest from the time the damage occurred.

To calculate damages caused by a competition law infringement, economic expertise is required. EE&MC analysts employ microeconomic theory and econometric modelling techniques to investigate a direct causal connection between the alleged competition violation and the injury claimed as well as to measure the amount of damages.

EE&MC has manifold experiences in the application of calculation tools as outlined in the European Commission's 2013 guidelines on the quantification of damages. We combine in-depth practical knowledge with leading academic know-how to deliver top quality expet testimonies for our clients.