European School of Thought

European School of Thought

In European antitrust law the values of the society are also considered. When completing a competitive economic assessment on the basis of the European School of Thought, for example, it is not only about gaining efficiency advantages. Of fundamental importance in the assessment, is a fair distribution of these efficiency gains among all market participants.

Professor Hildebrand has developed this approach. It is described in the fourth edition of the best-selling non-fiction book - "The Role of Economic Analysis in EU Competition Law: The European School" (2016). Over the world, the approach is currently being discussed under the terms “fairness”, “equality”, and “non-price-effects”.

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Sales of luxury goods

Brand companies often ask themselves how they can implement their marketing ideas in e-commerce in compliance with antitrust law. The “Coty” judgement provides guidance for this. It provides general terms if companies want to regulate the sales of goods in a selective distribution network.

A “Coty” requirement for vertical restraints is that the product in question is a luxury good. The assessment has to be conducted from the customer’s point of view. EE&MC conducts corresponding consumer surveys and prepares reports for this purpose.

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Antitrust damage

In connection with the EU compensation directive, the number of German companies which no longer tolerate the damage caused by a cartel has increased. Each company is entitled to compensation in the event of a damage that is caused by a cartel.

EE&MC conducts these estimations of damage in numerous cartels for the harmed companies. For example, in the truck cartel, EE&MC applies a precise estimation approach that identifies levels of damage in accordance with the results of the usual cartel meta-studies.

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