Cartels may cause businesses damage. The EE&MC experts are able to calculate those damages for you.

The European Commission, more specifically the national competition authorities, have the power to impose fines for cartel infringements.


Furthermore, parties injured by an infringement fully receive the real value of their losses. As a result of the infringement of competition rules the injured parties will have payed excessive prices. The entitlement to full compensation covers the actual loss, as well as a compensation for the loss of profits and interest payments from the time the damage occurred.


To calculate cartel damages, economic expertise is required. Crucial for the calculation are regression analyses (e.g. within temporal comparative market analyses) , as well as econometric modelling techniques (market simulation models). The application of these techniques allows the investigation of direct causal connections between the alleged competition violation and the injury claimed.


EE&MC has diverse experiences in the application of accurate calculation tools as outlined in the European Comission's 2013 guidelines on the quantification of damages.


Currently EE&MC has calculated the level of damages in fifteen different cases. We combine practical knowledge with leading academic know-how to deliver top quality results and carry out accurate and transparent calculations.

EE&MC have been involved in the following areas of antitrust cases:
  • Beer
  • Chipboard/Wood materials
  • Coffee
  • Detergents
  • Drugstore products
  • girocard
  • Flour
  • Foam (flexible polyurethane foam)
  • Instant cappuccino
  • Luxury cosmetics
  • Dishwashing machine products
  • Sugar
  • Sweets
  • Trucks

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