Econometric expertise and experience is required to deal with the conceptual and empirical challenges of quantifying cartel damages.


In simple terms, the economist estimates what the price would have been under competitive market conditions in order to calculate a possible price increase caused by a cartel.


Damages are calculated for the entire duration of a cartel since customers are harmed and cartelised firms profit as soon as prices rise and for as long as prices stay artificially high. 


EE&MC delivers cutting-edge econometric modelling techniques combined with in-depth practical knowledge and leading academic know-how to establish or refute a direct causal connection between the alleged antitrust violations.


Depending on the individual requirements of each case, EE&MC develops precise and robust estimates of the antitrust damages. Our professional and experienced team consists of economists and econometricians with knowledge in mathematical modelling and, moreover, our experts have legal knowledge of the underlying lawful requirements. This expertise facilitates clear cooperation with lawyers.


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