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Cartel damages

EE&MC Damage Estimation

The quantification of the economic effects of cartel infringements requires economic expertise and experiences: assets to master the conceptual and empirical challenges.

Cartels lead to damages that manifest mostly in price mark-ups or inflated prices. Competition economists estimate the prices that would have formed under competitive conditions in the absence of a cartel and calculate damages as the difference between these estimated hypothetical competitive prices and the prices actually paid by the injured parties. 

The damage calculation covers the period of the cartel as well as, on a case-by-case basis, a potential post-cartel period as both the damage and the benefit to the cartelists exist as long as prices were inflated due to the original cartel infringement. 

EE&MC uses a wide range of analytical tools to estimate damages by combining theoretical knowledge with the latest techniques in econometric modelling.

With about three decades of specialisation in competition economics, EE&MC is able to apply the most appropriate method and technique for a precise and robust estimation of cartel damages in each individual cartel case. Our professional and experienced team, consisting of experts in competition economics, econometrics but also from industry, have a high level of economic expertise. The legal expertise of Professor Doris Hildebrand and Dr. Pascal Hildebrand facilitates cooperation with lawyers and is highly appreciated by clients. 

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