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Possibilities for development

There are numerous job opportunities within EE&MC. Depending on your qualifications and professional experiences, we offer excellent career opportunities. Your salary is adjusted accordingly from the beginning. In addition, our working hours are moderate compared to other consulting firms. We take care of a good work-life-balance.

You will quickly work within EE&MC on large projects. You will gain an in-depth knowledge in various industries. During the daily business routine, you will usually cooperate with the client at the management/executive level. You will learn a lot about complex economic issues. With these acquired experiences you will advance further within the company. You may even expand your position towards a partner level.

In general, the employment prospects for competition economists are excellent. The importance of economic analyses in competition law is growing dynamically. Economic reports are integrated into the daily work of the Federal Competition Authority and the Courts. With a job at EE&MC you will participate in these developments.