By means of a "cartel screening", EE&MC is able to detect unlawful behaviour through economic and statistical analyses.


An existing manipulation, collusion or other anti-competitive infringement can be identified - based on an econometric model and the assumption of presumed illegal behaviour - using EE&MC testing procedures.


Successful cartel screening requires specific market knowledge and a deep understanding of the market at hand. This includes expertise on the driving forces, the nature of competition and the potential incentives for infringement.


In the "screens", EE&MC uses generally available data such as prices, market shares, production volumes, capacities etc. to uncover market anomalies. Based on this, EE&MC designs a statistical model that captures the key factors of anti-competitive behaviour.


As part of the screening process, EE&MC also applies the coordination defects diagnosis (KMD) concept, which identifies deviations from processes that indicate cartels.


Cartel screening can be a very important tool for companies to detect misconduct. EE&MC experts have the necessary tools and extensive expertise to successfully apply this diagnostic procedure.


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