EE&MC - European Economic & Marketing Consultants are competition experts with a European focus in all areas of antitrust law, offering highly developed economic analyses, consulting, and expert testimonies.

EE&MC pursues an interdisciplinary approach

As consultants and experts, we are at your disposal for all economic issues arising from antitrust law with a European focus. Sophisticated economic analyses, excellent advice and well-founded expert opinions form an important basis for the successful representation of your interests.

The competition economists around Prof. Dr. Dr. Doris Hildebrand have successfully handled a large number of mandates in a wide variety of areas arising from cartel and abuse proceedings or merger controls. EE&MC's expertise is currently, as well as in the past years, applied in many complex and prominent cartel damages cases.  

With its econometricians and consultants, the EE&MC team offers analyses and expert opinions applying the European school of thought or the "more economic based approach" in antitrust law. European school of thought means that not only efficiency gains are at the centre of the analysis, but also welfare-generating goals that go beyond individual interests are captured economically.   

EE&MC experts trained in micro- and macroeconomics apply the most appropriate analytical methods and tools for the specific case. This approach is in line with the standards of economic analysis published by antitrust authorities, such as the German Federal Cartel Office or the European Commission, in their "Best Practices". 

EE&MC is supported by the associated research institute, European Competition Experts (ECE) in Maastricht, the Netherlands, which, among other things, conducts research on the development of dynamic digital market simulation models based on artificial intelligence (AI). 

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