Management and Team

EE&MC is a successful and high-profile team of competition experts established around Prof. Dr. Dr. Doris Hildebrand.


Prof. Hildebrand has a doctorate in economics and a doctorate in law. She is also a sworn expert on antitrust issues and scientifically active in teaching and research. EE&MC has been owner-managed for more than 20 years: for long lasting court proceedings, this means continuity of advisors, stability, and reliability.


The EE&MC team includes econometricians and consultants. Currently, EE&MC provides the largest number of competition experts in cartel damage estimations in the German market. Therefore, the EE&MC team is able to handle complex and labor-intensive consulting projects in a timely and effective manner.


The legal expertise of EE&MC represents a great advantage for clients and lawyers. It facilitates clear communication and ensures that the EE&MC analyses accurately reflect the legal requirements.


The EE&MC team offers analyses and expert reports that comprehensively apply the European School of thought and the "more economics-based approach" in antitrust law. The success of the EE&MC competition experts is founded on sound economic research and pragmatic analysis supported by econometric and other modern empirical methods.


The EE&MC specialists, who are particularly skilled in micro- and macroeconomics, apply the most appropriate analysis methods and tools in each case. This approach complies with the standards for economic analysis as published by the antitrust authorities, such as the Bundeskartellamt or the European Commission in their “Best Practices”.


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