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Nomination of Dr. Hildebrand as NGA of the EU-Commission

Dr. Hildebrand has been selected in June 2019 as non-governmental advisor (NGA) to the European Commission for the 2019-2020 International Competition Network (ICN) working year. The ICN's mission is to advocate the adoption of superior standards and procedures in competition policy around the world, formulate proposals for procedural and substantive convergence, and seek to facilitate effective international cooperation to the benefit of member agencies, consumers and economies worldwide.


To be selected as an ICN-NGA requires demonstration of relevant expertise in competition policy and a strong commitment to contribute actively to the work of the ICN. More particularly, selected ICN-NGAs contribute actively, alongside the European Commission, to the drafting of and revision of specific Working Group products as well as participating in teleseminars, webinars and workshops. 


While Prof. Dr. Dr. Hildebrand, as NGA to the Bundeskartellamt, contributes to the Advocacy Working Group (AWC), Dr. Hildebrand gets involved in the Cartel Working Group (CWG). The mandate within the CWG is to address the challenges of anti-cartel enforcement, including the prevention, detection, investigation and punishment of cartel conduct. At the heart of antitrust enforcement, cartel work is directed at price fixing, bid rigging, market allocation and output restriction. The topic of the 2019 ICN-Cartel Workshop is Cartels in the Age of Data-Driven Economy”. The workshop focuses on the paradoxical impact of data on cartels since they can be used to facilitate collusion. Both cooperate in the Unilateral Conduct Working Group. Together the cover most of the topics in competition economics and policy dealt with by ICN.


EE&MC is delighted to further increase the number of NGAs in the EE&MC with the nomination of Dr. Hildebrand. As an NGA, Dr. Hildebrand will work closely with other practitioners, including academics and members of agencies.

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