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Professor Hildebrand's participation in the ICN Annual Conference 2022 was another highlight in Berlin

21st Annual Conference of the International Competition Network (ICN) brings together competition experts from politics and business


The 21st Annual Conference of the International Competition Network (ICN) is the most important network of competition authorities worldwide. Professor Hildebrand participated as a German NGA (Non-Governmental Adviser) at this ICN conference. The ICN Annual Conference took place in Berlin from 4-6 May 2022.

Hosting the ICN in Berlin, the Bundeskartellamt brought together selective competition experts from around the world, including 140 competition authorities from 130 jurisdictions that were welcomed by the President of the Bundeskartellamt, Andreas Mundt.


The focus of this year ICN Conference was on international cooperations in antitrust enforcement, regulatory and competition law tools in digital markets, effective remedies for unilateral conduct, as well as priorities and trends in future antitrust enforcement.


The ICN Annual Conference offers selected experts from politics and business a platform for exchange and cooperation to establish international standards. With over 30 years of expertise as a competition expert, Professor Hildebrand is one of the valued contributors in the ICN's panel discussions, power talks and breakout sessions.

Professor Hildebrand is active in the ICN Unilateral Conduct and Advocacy Working Groups since 2015. 

The ICN Unilateral Conduct Working Group examines global challenges in analysing companies' market power and market abuse. Related research is developed throughout the year, presented at the ICN and discussed with experts.

The ICN Advocacy Working Group supports ICN members in promoting the dissemination of competition principles worldwide as well as the development of competition culture. Professor Hildebrand contributes to this working group with the European School approach which she developed and which is gaining international importance.

Further information on the International Competition Network Annual Conference:

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